Inspired by the meanings of the words in Latin ”Malum”(apple) and ”Malus”(evil) This dilemma can be seen often in most of the mythical or epic ancient stories for instance by eating the ‘malum'(apple), Eve contracted ‘malus'(evil) or another epic story tells Paris from ancient Troy , one night before Troia was destroyed, walking in the woods,standing by the apple tree and the Muse threw him an apple and the next day Troia was destroyed, nothing is the same anymore once tempting(apple) is bitten. The apple is a staple of holy texts, mythology, folk tales and fairy tales as the precursor to catastrophic events or tragedy. The apple metaphor as the seed of an evil will spread across the world, which still continues in modern times and the inspiration marks the beginning as a metaphor for wisdom, evil, devastate, curiosity, vulnerability and reward.

Fabric Prints
Sculptor Artist Tülay Karavit @tlykrvt
Made 2 (TWO) sculptors of ”Malum”(apple) and the muse of ”Sedna(deep sea muse) Carrying rotten apples , Especially for this collection, and these 2(two) art pieces have been Still Life Photographed by Deniz Erol @dnizerol and than printed on fabrics.

By Sculptor Artist Tülay Karavit @tlykrvt

Lycra Velvetine, Silk Satin, Fake Leather, Organza, sequinned mesh, pinstriped poly cotton, tulle.

Color Palette
Dark dramatic Bordeaux, Midnight Blue, Rotten Orange . Dark Navy w/rotten orange pinstripes, Foggy Mysterious Light Blue, Fairy Pink Tempting Gold, Vicious Bright Red.

Spring ’19

Malum & Malus Collection
ROME Volkswagen Fashion Week
Çiğdem Karavit
Spring ’19
Malum&Malus Backstage 1 | Malum&Malus Backstage 2

Editorials photography by Erman İstahlı @ermanistahli
Backstage videos by Volkan Yılmaz @p18art