Spring/Summer – 2017 – Evening gown Collection made in 2 groups.

The first group of the collection been made all in printed fabrics like chiffons, organza and scuba fabrics. Designer Cigdem Karavit was inspired from the paintings of the Turkish painter Gültekin Serbest and the designer printed the painter’s work of art and paintings of old İstanbul he made in beautiful colors, on the fabrics which were used for this ss’17 collection the second group of the collection is all in white, all the prints faded and the second part of the collection has been produced in same fabrics and in same models but to be all in white. The first group is printed all in old İstanbul paintings of Gültekin Serbest, representing the old times when the nature was still not harmed, less people, when people were having more values and beauties and more connections to each other and have more time for themselves and each other, and the cities & countries were much more nicer esthetically. the second white group is representing today, that nature has been destroyed, cities are full of ugly high buildings, and beautiful things and values disappeared, people don.t know each other, no proper connections & relationships anymore and all faded away.

The collection itself has a TIMELAPSE in it, as it is divided in 2, printed an old beautiful story of İstanbul paintings and secondly the beautiful old story fades away and it is all in pure white.


Wo m e n ’s & M e n ’s
E v e n i n g g o w n C o l l e c t i o n


Çiğdem Karavit
SS’17 eveninggown collection
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Photo Shooting
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