Voyagers and Travellers, Reminder of ’20’s and ’30’s Aesthetics, With Fine Pinstriped Suits and Refined Pieces For Holding Tennis Courts.

Tribute to Old Sport Attitude Playing Diabolique Games.

Game, Set and Murder Mysteries. Loneliness Beside The Swimming Pool.

Attractive Men and Women Show Up Suddenly At The Door, At The Pool Side, at the Garden,at the Deck of A Cruise Ship.

They All Know How To Have a Good Time When a Murder, Diabolique Games Don’t Get In The Way.

Effortlessly Stylish Looks Through History To Inspire Today’s New Old Sports.

A Lie Doesn’t Become Truth, Wrong Doesn’t Become Right And Evil Doesn’t Become Good, Just Because It’s Accepted By A Majority,

In the History And Still Today, Lonely Hearts Devouring Relationships Like Devouring Their Cigarettes In A Chicest Sleek Style.

Winning Looks Don’t Win If True Love Don’t Exist.


Poly.Cotton.Viscose Pinstriped and Plain Waffled Wovens For the Sleek Look,Fresh Linens, Viscose Stretch Jerseys For Comfortable Sporty Movements,

Silk Chiffon For Glamorous Moments,Silk Organza Flowing Over the Hidden Truth, Sequinned Paillettes,

Silky Satins For Mysterious Nights.


Diabolique Lime Green, Hollywood Ivory, Navy Blue,Midnight Blue, Bright Honey Orange, Tennis Ball Yellow, Sunrise Orange,Pinstripes In All Colors Lay At The Bottom Of The Swimming Pool.


High-Waisted Shorts, Pinstriped Double Breasted Sleek Suits,Draped Dresses, Bias Cut Skirts,High-Waisted Body & Bathing Suits,

Low-Waisted Loose Dresses, Low Cut Neckline Tops,All Open Back Blouses, All Open Back Maxi Dresses, Palazzo Pants, Transparent Tunics Over The High-Waisted Bathing Suits.


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