Inspired by City of Troja been announced on 2018,as ”The Year of Troja” by UNESCO,celebrating it’s 20th Anniversary of being selected as The World Heritage.
The designer,celebrates the glorious,powerful period of Troja,although it was suggested that the Trojan War was seemingly caused by the abduction of Helen,wife of Menelaus,the real underlying cause of the Troja War was a ravaging expedition for economic purposes and a need for more extensive research for more precise conclusions.As it can be seen on history sources that the City was attacked constantly throughout several periods,had to face destructive wars, and it was rebuild nine(9) times at different periods.
Fabric Prints
The print designs for the fabrics especially been created and illustrated together with painter Cansu Tastan and the designer herself,for this collection and been printed exclusively. Symbols of Ancient Troja were chosen to be colored and illustrated with these modern abstract paintings,added gold prints for a rich and modern touch to the combination. .Creating a fusion of ancient and modernity,symbolizing the happy and rich periods of ”EuphoriaTroia” times. The ancient symbols used for the fabric print designs; gold coins,relief from the stage building,fighting gladiators,the seal of Troja(back & front sides),needle with metal artefacts,the Temple of Athena,relief of Helius with carriage,lion statue,architectural plan of an aristocratic residence of Troja,golden crown,ancient animal drawings,Trojan Horse warriors hidden inside,roman numerals embroidered in gold.
Chiffon,satin,scuba printed in gold,golden yarned tulle,sequinned fabrics.
thick scuba printed in gold symbolizing armors in modernized pieces as bustiers,half jackets,shorts,structural mini dresses,mini skirts & shorts,long eveninggowns with deep slits,asymmetrical cuts completed with home&beach kimonos,swimwear pieces for women & men.
Color Palette
Bright summer colors,various hues of skyblue and Aegean Sea Blue,deepsea moss greens,corals,pink and periwinkle sunset hues,gold on whites to remind us the glorious Trojan beauty & power…Reminiscence of Euphoria Troia Epics.

MILAN Volkswagen Fashion Week Euphoriatroia Collection


Euphoria Troia Collection


Çiğdem Karavit
Euphoria Troia Collection
Spring-Summer ’18

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Lookbook shooting by Serdar Acar @acarserdar
Lookbook Fashionfilm shooting by Gökhan Bartu @gokhanbartu
Editorials Shooting By Hatem Sipahi @hatemsipahiart