Published: Ocak 30, 2018

Fashion Film Fest | The Faded Age Teaser


The Fashion Film of designer Çiğdem Karavit’s Eveninggown Collection – Spring/Summer 2017

The Fashion Film ”The Faded Age” ,was first shown at Zorlu/PSM-İSTANBUL , 11-12th November/2017 at FashionFilmFestival-İstanbul (FFFİstanbul)

and was also ”Officially Selected” to be shown at the Gala Evening of FashionFilmFestival İstanbul/Turkey – ZorluPSM/İstanbul .

the Faded Age was directed by film director İlay Alpgiray (@ilayalpgiray) and starred by Turkish actors Gizem Denizci (@gizemdenizci) , Utku Ates (@utkuates) , Ceyda Meric (@mericeyda) , and the fashionfilm will be sent to more than 40 countries’ fashionfilmfestivals & contests which will be taking places at various dates . and different cities like London,Bucharest,Berlin and many others.

A proclamation of not losing our beautiful world, our fragile planet, values, love, not losing feelings and beware of human and other creatures needs and beautiful relationships. Not to destroy the beautiful nature,and protect our values.

A kind of a warning that generations should be aware that all can be ”FADED” soon if nothing will be done to stop it.

The first beauty disappears in the FashionFilm,is the beautiful creature of the lovely nature the beautiful white horse.

The actors are passing the old antique door as it is the old times where the fashion film starts and after they are starting to lose all the beauties and values..the paintings falling down symbolically to show that the losing process started. Tim elapses through the gates and the actors pass the second modern door arriving on today wearing the same costumes but all white where all the colors and beauty are Faded Away.

Designer’s note ; all colors turn in to white, when color wheel starts to turn fastest,turn into pure white….and this is beautiful , unless we do not destroy all the beauties and values from our planet and from our lives.

Published: Ocak 30, 2018

The Faded Age Backstage Photos Photo Credit Cansu Bener @cansubenerphotography